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F1 News: Aston Martin To “Run A Big Upgrade Package At Barcelona” Grand Prix

Aston Martin has revealed that both cars will be fitted with “a big upgrade” as they head for the Spanish Grand Prix in Barcelona. This report comes after it was originally rumoured that only Lance Stroll would be getting these upgrades, making fans question the reasoning behind this.

The upgrades coming to the AMR22s are substantial, with Tobi Grüner describing the upgrade as a “big” one, while confirming that both cars will receive it.

“Aston Martin will also run a big upgrade package at Barcelona,” he posted on Twitter.

“Both cars will be fitted with the full kit according to our information. Last parts to arrive at the track this evening.”

Grüner has also gone into a tad more detail on what we could expect to see during the Spanish GP from other manufacturers, adding that Alfa Romeo will also be bringing an upgrade revolving around a new floor plus a few other bits such as a new front wing as he says the “wind tunnel data promises a big step”.

“One car will have the full kit, the other will miss a few parts,” he said.

McLaren will also be hosting a few upgrades to their cars, with team principal Andreas Seidl confirming that they “are bringing some upgrades to the car for the weekend.

“I know it’s been an extremely busy week or so for many of the teams making changes ahead of Barcelona, so it’s going to continue to be a tight fight for points.”

Grüner was able to share some photos of new carbon fibre brake ducts. “The old titanium parts are finally gone,” he wrote.

It will be very interesting to see how these upgrades affect the grid which has so far been dominated by Red Bull and Ferrari. Will Max Verstappen continue to rule the roost? We’ll have to see this coming weekend.

Alex Harrington

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