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F1 News: Bernie Ecclestone Arrested For Carrying A Gun In An Airport

Upon trying to board a private jet to Switzerland, Bernie Ecclestone has been arrested after he was found with an unloaded 32-caliber LW Seecamp pistol on his person. It was seen via an x-ray screening at airport security yesterday evening.

He was arrested and detained, but was bailed out for R$6,060 ($1,266) as per Policia Civil. He was later released, and still managed to fly to Switzerland.

Ecclestone had admitted to owning the gun, but had forgotten that it was in his luggage. When it was found, he didn’t have the correct documentation for it, resulting in his arrest.

– Red Bull Content Pool

This came after travelling to a number of racing event in Brazil over the last month with his wife, FIA vice president, and member of the World Motor Sport Council, Fabiana. They first visited the Truck Cup and TCR South America races at Interlagos, followed by the Brazilian Stock Car Pro Series event held at Velo Citta.

After this, he then met with Nelson Piquet in Brasilia, former two-time F1 champion for the Brabham team when Ecclestone owned it. He’s now working on a new racetrack that is being built and named after him.

Eccelstone, previously the commercial rights holder and CEO of the Formula One Group, sold his stake to Liberty Media, leading to an estimated net worth of over $3 billion.

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