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F1 News: Carlos Sainz wants to find his best form next season

Carlos Sainz has failed to find his best form for much of 2022, with the Spaniard struggling to understand the characteristics of the F1-75.

Ferrari’s development throughout the year hasn’t been helpful either, as tyre degradation has become an increasingly significant obstacle to the Scuderia’s development.

Still, speaking with Car and Driver, Sainz explained his expectations for next season:

“I wish I had felt a little more comfortable at the beginning of the season to make things a little more complicated for Max and together with Charles [Leclerc] fight a little more. 

“Max has had an incredible season, he deserves it. I think they are dominant, now Red Bull is dominant. 

“My objective for next season is to start the year at the same level I am now, which is very good, and to complicate things for Max. 

“New year, new car, new regulations, even with the flow, we have another opportunity.”


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