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F1 News: Charles Leclerc Questions Ferrari Strategy On Hard Tyres

Ferrari has come under serious fire as the Hungarian Grand Prix comes to a close today thanks to poor strategic decisions. And now, in post-race interviews, Charles Leclerc has questioned the choice to be given hard tyres that, let’s face it, ruined his race.

This resulted in a poor result for the Ferrari driver as he ended his race in P6.

It was clear to see that the hard tyres weren’t a good choice for this Sunday after both Alpines struggled with the compounds, but Ferrari still chose to run them on Leclerc’s car, ruining his race where he had the potential to win.

“I don’t know why I was in hard, I don’t have the answer yet. The strategists were doing the job, I don’t understand, I’m waiting for the explanations. At the beginning, we had the right strategies. The mediums were good tyres, I had a good feeling,” Leclerc told Canal+.

While there’s still a chance Leclerc could win the 2022 championship, Max Verstappen now has an 80-point lead over the driver. That’s equal to 3 DNFs’ difference. With only nine races of the season remaining, it’s highly unlikely that the driver will be able to make up the numbers.

Leclerc tells Sky Sports that this strategy certainly won’t be going un-discussed.

“We will speak out that inside the team and aim to get better,” Leclerc told Sky Sports.

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