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F1 News: Charles Leclerc Set For Miami GP Engine Boost

Ferrari has delivered on the expectations they faced for 2022, as they look to mount a challenge for the F1 championship after a difficult few years.

Charles Leclerc leads their efforts, having secured two victories and three podiums in the first four Grand Prix. Leclerc’s mistake at Imola remains his only significant error of the season.

However, Ferrari knows better than most how development wars can decide an F1 championship, with both Red Bull and Mercedes showing an ability in years gone by to out-develop the Maranello-based team.

Ahead of the Miami GP, Ferrari will reportedly bring a new engine for Charles Leclerc. This power unit will reportedly consist of a new MGU-K, granting the Monegasque an increase in power.

Carlos Sainz was the first at Ferrari to receive an engine change this season, though this change was motivated more by reliability concerns than anything else.

Leclerc’s engine change is not connected to reliability but was perhaps incentivised by Red Bull’s impressive race pace in Imola, which played some part in a difficult weekend for Ferrari.

Ferrari seems content with the data they have collected thus far, with the Italian outfit confident they can begin to increase engine output without risking a DNF.

Another point of concern for the Scuderia is that Sergio Perez did not receive Red Bull’s floor upgrade (given to Verstappen at Imola) which is believed to have reduced the RB18’s weight by 4kg.

Despite not receiving this improved component, Perez was still able to keep Leclerc at bay, further emphasising Red Bull’s speed.

The greatest obstacle for Red Bull this season has been reliability, which has gone some way in helping Ferrari establish their championship lead.

Leclerc’s error in Imola, however, in combination with Sainz’s unlucky DNF, has eliminated the majority of Ferrari’s cushion in the constructors’ standings, though Leclerc’s lead in the drivers’ remains sizeable.

Still, Ferrari’s new MGU-K, in conjunction with their upgrades directed at porpoising, will be important areas to monitor in Miami as they continue their battle with Red Bull.

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