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F1 News: Daniel Ricciardo in talks with Mercedes and Red Bull

Daniel Ricciardo’s future prospects in Formula 1 will be closely observed in the upcoming months as he prepares to spend the 2023 season on the sidelines.

Speaking to the media, as quoted by Sky F1, Toto Wolff has revealed that his next step is likely to become a reserve driver, with Ricciardo in conversations with several teams:

“I think Daniel is speaking to a few teams about a potential role, also Red Bull. 

“For us, we very much like him, he’s a great character, but we are not in a position yet [to announce] who is going to be our third driver.”

The Australian has made the decision against pursuing a midfield seat with Haas, instead preferring to reset next year and position himself for an eventual comeback in the 2024 season.

There has been criticism about Ricciardo’s decision, with some highlighting that making a return to the F1 grid is very difficult after spending time away.

Top teams such as Ferrari and Red Bull (even upper midfield teams like Alpine) have two drivers on multi-year contracts, so there is great scepticism about the options that Ricciardo will have at his disposal when he enters talks with teams in 2024.

Despite this criticism, Ricciardo seems confident that better opportunities will present themselves if he is patient and takes advantage of any shifts in the market.

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