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F1 News: Daniel Ricciardo speaks on his future

Daniel Ricciardo has discussed the complexion of his next twelve months as a professional, outlining his objectives and expectations for next season.

For the first time in over a decade, Ricciardo will not feature on the F1 grid next year.

The Australian has taken the decision to spend a year out of the sport before assessing the options available to him for the 2024 season.

Many have described this path as a potentially risky course of action, given the difficulties drivers have faced historically in returning to F1 after spending a year out.

With 8-race victories, Ricciardo is more experienced than most, so perhaps his chances of making a successful comeback are elevated.

In the ‘Your Mom’s House Podcast’, Ricciardo discussed his future plans:

“I mean, I’m not going to race next year in F1. 

“My eyes are still certainly set on F1, but with everything that’s gone on, I’m like, I need the time off. 

“I think the way kind of contracts and everything shapes up, I think 2024 is potentially smarter for me.”

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