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F1 News: Drive To Survive Season 4 Trailer Released – “There Will Be A Lot Of Action”

The incredibly popular Netflix series Drive to Survive has returned for its fourth season as it follows the 2021 F1 series. Fans will be happy to hear that this 10-episode series will air on March 11th, but F1’s boss Stefano Domenicali hints at format changes to keep the show “fresh”.

The CEO told the investors the following during a conference call last week:

“It’s no doubt that Drive to Survive has an incredible effect mainly on the new audiences and also in other new markets like US, for sure.

“You have to stay tuned to the new series, because I’ve just had the possibility to see and it would be fantastic. And with the right tone and, as you can imagine with what has happened last year, there will be a lot of action on. So that’s good.”

He continued:

“I think that what we have shown as Formula 1 has been always to be in front of the step change that everything has to happen.

“So I think that it’s important for us to be, with Drive to Survive, with our Netflix friends, up to the moment where we believe that will make a show that it’s a differentiating factor.

“If it is becoming just a different way to speak about Formula 1 without adding or giving to Formula 1 platform added value, maybe I think it’s better to renegotiate and see with Netflix or with the other partners what could be a possibility to do something different in the future.”

Despite this good news, Red Bull driver and F1 world champion Max Verstappen will not be taking part in this season of the show due to how he’s been portrayed in the show recently. Fortunately, we’ll still see bits of him as Netflix has the right to use any footage shot by Formula 1 Management.

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