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F1 News: Drivers To Demand For More Input Over The Racing Calendar After Recent Terror Attack

It’s been revealed that a number of drivers drove against their will during the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix, and because of this, they are now looking for more sway over where F1 races in the future.

After the terror attack next to the Jeddah circuit, paired with the ongoing human rights issue the country is facing, it’s no surprise that a number of drivers have come out saying they didn’t want to race there. Now, it’s being reported that the drivers are setting up a meeting with F1 management to talk about the safety of drivers following the attacks on Saudi Arabia.

Of course, this will be on the meeting’s agenda, but the F1 will also be revealing a number of new safety and security measures to help keep future Grand Prix safe.

The F1 currently decides on the calendar of the sport – where, and when they’ll race. But after drivers have come under fire for agreeing to race in the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix, as well as having much more of a role as faces of the sport through their personal social media, they’re now wanting much more input so they can personally stand by the choices of the F1.

Lewis Hamilton commented on his racing at Jeddah:

“We don’t decide where we go (to race). I think we do have an opportunity to try – we are duty bound to try – and do what we can while we’re here.”

F1 is looking into the attack in Saudi Arabia with a full assessment to be released to stakeholders including the drivers. The meeting in question will go ahead during the next Grand Prix in Melbourne Australia, April 10th.

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