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F1 News: Even Max Verstappen Seemed Disappointed With Red Bull RB19 Reveal

With F1 fans across the world pretty annoyed by the drawn-out Red Bull RB19 reveal, even Max Verstappen seemed bored by the almost identical livery of the 2023 car.

The car was revealed alongside the news that Ford would be joining the Austrian team as an engine partner in 2026 following the engine regulation change, but before the unveiling moved onto this news, the 2-time world champion was asked how he felt about the new car.

“I think our livery has been pretty similar for a couple of years now, but I find it a cool-looking car,” he said looking rather disappointed by the anticlimactic offering from Red Bull.

“It shows the Red Bull colours all over the place. We have had a lot of success like that, so why do we need to change it up a lot? We have a few partners on the car, and a few new partners on the car and that’s what it’s all about.”

Verstappen continued to feel optimistic about the upcoming season:

“I can’t get into too many details about it. You are constantly trying to make it better, that’s what you are working on.”

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