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F1 News: Ex-F1 Driver Nikita Mazepin Says Sanctioning Russian Athletes Is ‘Cancel Culture’

Nikita Mazepin, who recently lost his job driving for Haas following Russia invading Ukraine.

In a recent interview on BBC Hardtalk, the 23-year-old Russian former F1 driver spoke out about the sanctions against Russian sportsmen and women.

Mazepin had been sanctioned by Haas just a few days before the EU and UK put both him and his billionaire oligarch father, Dmitry Mazepin, on a Russian sanctions list.

Although his father is not a sportsman, he has been described as “a member of the closest circle of Vladimir Putin”. It notes that Nikita Mazepin is a “person associated with a leading businessperson involved in economic sectors providing a substantial source of revenue to the government of the Russian Federation”.

In the interview, Mazepin explained:

“I don’t agree with being in sanctions and I’ve said previously that I intend to fight it.

“Perhaps now is not the right time because if you look at the whole situation that’s happening against athletes in the general case, it’s cancel culture against my country.”

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