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F1 News: Fernando Alonso Reflects On Angry Radio Call With Lewis Hamilton

Fernando Alonso has discussed his angry call over team radio when he and Lewis Hamilton hit each other during last weekend’s Belgian Grand Prix. Defending his position against an attack from Hamilton, Alonso’s car hit the Briton’s with it resulting in him shouting angrily about the impact.

Now, after apologising for calling Hamilton an “idiot”, saying he only knows how to “start first”, he now believes there should be more privacy around these radio calls.

“I don’t think so, as I said, that is the only sport, in football, in tennis, in whatever, you can have your moments of privacy with your team,” he admitted to

“But I know that this is part of the show, and as I said, all the things that are broadcast in the radio normally are a little bit spicy, because the sport wants that spice into the race.”

Alonso added that he has “huge respect” for the 7-time world champion, and he apologised for saying what he did:

“First of all, Lewis is a champion, he’s a legend of our time, and then when you say something – and I’m sorry to repeat this – against a British driver, there is huge media involvement after that,” he said.

“If you say something to a Latin driver, everything’s a little bit more fun, when you say something to others, it’s a little bit more serious.

“But anyway yes, I apologise, I was not thinking what I said.

“I don’t think that there was much to blame in that moment, to be honest, looking at the replays and everything, because it’s a first-lap incident, we are all very close together.”

Alonso continued to compare the sport to football, where there’s plenty of language being used on the pitch:

“Obviously, you should be aware that is broadcast, but it’s like if someone makes a hard tackle or something in football, in that moment you say something to your teammate, or your defender or wherever, that is not broadcast,” he finished.

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