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F1 News: Ferrari Lashes Out At Mercedes – “Our Rivals Should Behave The Same”

A rule change is coming to the 2023 season of F1 as Mercedes have done their best to combat the porpoising issues they’ve been having this season. Now, it’s looking as though new floors will be coming to the sport thanks to complaints from the team.

Ferrari has opposed this, with Enzo Ferrari’s son Piero Ferrari adding that Ferrari will oppose ‘any form of instrumentalisation’. Team principal Mattia Binnotto has also previously reacted to this, saying that Ferrari is ready to protest these changes believing that Mercedes is using safety concerns as an excuse to level the field.

FERRARI F1 GP SILVERSTONE SABATO 02/07/2022 credit @Scuderia Ferrari Press Office

Piero backs up Binotto’s feelings, telling Quotidiano Nazionale that “we will make our case. We will oppose any instrumentalisation,

He continued, commenting on how Ferrari has dealt with their lack of performance in previous years with respect.

“For years Ferrari had an engine deficit to Mercedes. We did not ask for favours or shortcuts. We lost with dignity, working in silence to make up for it. Our rivals should behave the same.”

Alex Harrington

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