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F1 News: KFC Just Killed Mercedes With Kindness In Amazing Twitter Moment

Not only has the F1 got some of the most sophisticated racing cars in the world, but arguably more importantly, it has some of the best social media management in the business. The friendly rivalry between teams on Twitter is just as entertaining to watch as the races as they joke and jibe with each other. But yesterday, KFC’s Twitter manager threw a tweet at Mercedes that had fans jumping to Reddit to discuss it.

A Twitter account called F1 Reaction Pictures posted the following to the popular social site:

‘“George, mum said it’s my turn to sit in the car”,’ the account captioned next to a photo of Mercedes team principal Toto Wolff sticking his head under a Mercedes’ halo to talk to one of his drivers.

This single tweet collected over 40,000 likes, but then an unexpected company retweeted it.

‘”Welcome to KFC, can I take your order?”,’ KFC tweeted in response. It didn’t take long for Mercedes to respond admitting: “We weren’t expecting thism” to which KFC replied: “Just like you weren’t expecting podium on the weekend.”

This run of tweets was screenshotted to a Formula 1 Reddit page where it culminated over 14,000 likes as commenters applauded the “roast”.

“Bored of just roasting chicken,” one commenter said.

“We thought the Merc admin was good, KFC operating on a different level,” a second admitted.

But a third came in with something we were thinking:

“Is this a burn? ‘You performed better than expected’ ‘You rose above your own expectations and the expectations of those around you’ That seems like a compliment,” (sic). But there was one comment that summed the whole thing up:

“Kill em with kindness,” (sic) someone wrote.


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