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F1 News: Guenther Steiner on Mick Schumacher’s future

Guenther Steiner continues to delay Haas F1’s decision on their final lineup for 2023, with the American outfit in no rush to make an announcement or put pen to paper.

Kevin Magnussen was questioned on his position regarding Mick Schumacher’s future at Haas, to which the Danish driver explained that he thinks the 23-year-old is deserving of an extension.

Magnussen also made clear that he has no influence on the team’s ultimate decision, with his answer being the most diplomatic way of declaring himself neutral on Haas’s selection for next year.

Regardless, team principal Guenther Steiner will continue to receive questions about next season until a decision is finalised.

In last weekend’s round of questions, Steiner gave the following explanation:

“I think I got a lot of consultancy from people, what people think who should be driving the car, who deserves what and whatever.

“And obviously, Kevin said that as well, what he thinks…

“But in the end, I need to look after our team for the future, and when we will take the driver we want in the car, and we think we can go forward with in developing the team.”

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