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F1 News: Kevin Magnussen Reveals Health Issues But Continued To Drive Anyway

A Haas spokesperson has revealed that F1 driver Kevin Magnussen withdrew from Friday’s interviews due to nausea. The driver did however attend FP1 and FP2 later in the day at the Australian Grand Prix, but fans are now worried about the Danish driver’s health.

A spokesperson told the press:

“Kevin experienced some nausea during the night and earlier this morning.

“As a result, he will not be attending the FIA press conference this morning to recuperate and be ready for FP1 this afternoon.

“He has been seen by the team doctor and is expected to participate on-track today.”

– Haas Media

Magnussen attended FP1, which began at 1pm local time in Australia, and after 18 laps finished 18th on the time sheet. FP2 saw him gain two places to P16.

This comes two weeks after the driver had neck issues during the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix. He commented on what happened:

“It was very tough – there was a nerve that got stuck and spasmed,” Magnussen told Fast Lane podcast.

“My neck was stiff because of that and I couldn’t move it without pain. It’s not great when that happens because your head needs to be balanced to feel what the car is doing. You lose that feeling when you have to let it go and rest your head against the side.

– Haas Media

“Qualifying wasn’t great – I couldn’t actually control the car in Q3. The team told me a fast lap, slow lap and another fast lap was the best way for qualifying runs, but I said ‘let’s do one fast lap because I can’t do more’.

“It wasn’t great, but I expected it. If you don’t drive Formula 1 cars for a whole year, your neck loses strength and the only way that comes back is by driving F1 cars.”

“Hope it’s not Covid,” one fan posted to Haas’ Twitter account.

Another added, “Rooting for him, hope he’s okay.”

A third joked about the fact they’re in Australia: “That being upside down is no joke.”

Alex Harrington

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