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F1 News: Lance Stroll refuses to take responsibility for America crash

Lance Stroll demonstrated a frightening lack of awareness in the American GP, failing to give Fernando Alonso the necessary space after the Safety Car restart.

The Canadian showed reasonable pace in COTA but ruined all of his efforts with a terrible mistake that caused a horrific incident.

Speaking to the media, however, Stroll maintained he was not responsible:

“I looked at it. I think it’s just a shame. We were having a great race. Yeah, I mean, I left him plenty of room on the left. 

“It was a big difference in speed, I was kind of judging where he was behind me, and I moved based on where I thought he was behind me. 

“He got really close to me, and we just made contact.”

Stroll would do well to look at where Alonso actually is rather than just guess, especially with both cars travelling at such speeds.

Hopefully, Stroll does not repeat these shenanigans next season.

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