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F1 News: Leclerc “cannot hide disappointment” after British Grand Prix

Charles Leclerc will be bitterly disappointed with his British GP, missing out on several opportunities to capitalise on a race win, ultimately finishing in P4.

Both Sergio Perez and Max Verstappen suffered issues at the start of the race, providing the Maranello squad with a golden opportunity to deal a significant blow to Red Bull.

However, a combination of untimely safety cars, damage to Leclerc’s front wing, and a poor strategic call by Ferrari at the end of the race meant that Leclerc only gained six points on Verstappen.

Leclerc went into detail regarding his disappointment post-race:

“The very last part really [didn’t work out] just from the Safety Car onwards. Before that. We were extremely quick. Just the first lap [where Leclerc made contact with Perez at the restart], I thought it was over. I saw the front wing fly off, and I was like, ‘that doesn’t look good.

GP GRAN BRETAGNA F1/2022 – DOMENICA 03/07/2022
credit: @Scuderia Ferrari Press Office

But after that, we managed to find the right balance, changed a little bit the tools, changed a little bit the driving, and all was looking good for a victory.

But obviously, with the Safety Car at the end, we decided to leave the lead car out and to pit the [trailing] car, which was myself and Carlos, and it didn’t pay off for me, so it’s a big disappointment.

On the other hand, it’s great for Carlos, it’s a dream come true for him I’m sure, but I cannot hide my disappointment too on my own race. It’s disappointing.”

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