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F1 News: Leclerc Takes The Win But Mercedes Shows More Dominance

Charles Leclerc has won the Australian Grand Prix after a smooth and undramatic race for the Monaco-born driver bringing in yet more points for the potent Ferrari team. He also took the fastest lap.

“Amazing. The car was incredible today. What a race and what a pace,” the driver said.

Sergio Perez also put on a brilliant show with his Red Bull showing good pace. But the most standout cars of the weekend have been the Mercedes driven by Lewis Hamilton and George Russell as they gave the best performance yet this season.

“Obviously I got a bit fortunate back there but that’s part of the game. Well done guys, brilliant. Let’s chase some more podiums now,” Russell tells his team after a lucky pitstop during the safety car.

Perez’s teammate Max Verstappen was forced to retire on lap 40 after PU issues.

Top Six:

  1. Leclerc
  2. Perez
  3. Russell
  4. Hamilton
  5. Norris
  6. Ricciardo

Alex Harrington

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