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F1 News: Lewis Hamilton Replaces His Purple Helmet To Reflect A New Level Of Dedication In Nostalgic Move

Lewis Hamilton has revealed on Twitter that he will be replacing his famous purple helmet for a yellow helmet as the practice at the Bahrain Grand Prix begins.

This is a nostalgia-driven move from the 7-time F1 world champion as he not only wore a yellow helmet during his days karting, but worse a yellow helmet for his first ever year in the Formula 1 when he drove for McLaren.

He told fans that he’d be “going into this season with the same dedication, drive, and passion” he had when karting:

“For this year’s helmet I wanted to show love to my beginnings. As much as I love purple and black, yellow is my history. I’m going into this season with the same dedication, drive, and passion I had way back in my karting days.”

The yellow helmet was his tribute to Ayrton Senna, with the yellow reflecting the yellow of the Brazilian flag.

“The energy you had back in those days, fearless, uncompromising, sometimes ruthless, but driving for fun with absolute conviction you’d win from any position. Take it back to your instinctive racing days. Dominate them all. Leave no Survivors. Win Win Win,” one fan said.

The Twitter account of Quadrant, a content creation business started by Lando Norris also added its two pence: “All aboard the fluro hype.”

Alex Harrington

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