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F1 News: Lewis Hamilton Reveals Issue With Car That Made Second Place Finish Even Harder

Lewis Hamilton took his best result of the 2022 season, finishing in second place at the French Grand Prix. 

After the dramatic race with Charles Leclerc retiring from the race, an exciting battle for third place between George Russell and Sergio Perez and, a controversial team decision from Ferrari, Hamilton revealed that his drinks bottle didn’t work throughout the whole race.

– Mercedes AMG F1 Media

He explained:

“What amazing weather we’ve had, and that was actually a tough race because my drinks bottle didn’t work,”

“But what a great result considering we’ve been so far off these guys all weekend.

Hamilton continued:

“Reliability is one thing that my team has been amazing at, so a huge congratulations to the team back in the two factories, the team here who without them, we couldn’t get this podium, and George did an amazing job today as well.

“I didn’t see my weight just now, but I would imagine [I lost] probably around three kilos. So yeah, it’s enough. I’m looking forward to downing the rest of this drink…”

When asked about how he and the team are feeling about the Hungarian Grand Prix next week, Hamilton said:

“But I’m hoping we will bring some sort of upgrade to that track and hopefully take a step forward closer to them.

“You can see us in the race, we can at least lean on them a little bit, so hopefully in that race even closer.”

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