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F1 News: Lewis Hamilton Struggles With Pain At Singapore Practice – “Bouncing Around Like Crazy”

Once again, after the first day of practicing at the Singapore Grand Prix, Lewis Hamilton has complained of headaches after “bouncing around like crazy” on the track. This isn’t a surprise after fans and team members alike were questioning how the stiffer suspension of these modern F1 cars would cope with the uneven tarmac.

– Mercedes AMG F1

The 7-time world champion topped the time sheets during FP1, but he doesn’t expect Mercedes to be challenging the front of the grid this weekend:

“It started off well,” Hamilton told the press. “It wasn’t as great in the second session but pretty much like every other weekend, I would say.

“The car is as it is and is bouncing around like crazy but it doesn’t feel like we’re massively off this weekend.

“We’re still probably a second off or something like that but we’ve just got to keep working on it.

“There’s not really much that we can do with the bouncing, it just is what it is. But set up-wise, I think George was able to find a little bit more time. Definitely, on my side, there was more time in it.

“We just didn’t get a clear lap and I think with the set-up I had, I had a lot of locking. We’ll fix it tonight and give it a better try tomorrow.”

The Singapore GP is a difficult race with intense temperatures and low levels of traction. Hamilton commented on the challenges he fought against so far today:

“I definitely felt a little bit dehydrated after that session and very hot.

“But the biggest problem is not the physicality side of it, it was literally just that you’re bouncing so much that you just have a headache all of the time and this is a very bumpy track.

“If you just watch the onboards and see my helmet, I don’t have any fillings anymore. I lost them earlier on in the year.”

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