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F1 News: Marshal Removed From Saudi Arabian GP Following Horrific Lewis Hamilton Tweet

Saudi Arabian Grand Prix marshal posted to social media against Lewis Hamilton and has been removed from his post.

The Saudi Arabian Grand Prix has already had a dramatic start with the nearby missile during the first practice session on Friday followed by a four hour meeting between the drivers.

So, to add more chaos into the mix, a marshal for the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix has lost his position due to sharing a disturbing post about Lewis Hamilton on his social media.

We all remember the horrific accident that Romain Grosjean had in the 2020 Bahrain Grand Prix which he thankfully managed to walk away from but to use this as a comparison of what you want to happen to Lewis Hamilton is truly horrific.

Replying to an image on Twitter, @Heem4u posted in Arabic “I hope he has an accident like Roman (sic) accident in Bahrain.”

The FIA and event organisers became aware of this and confirmed that the marshal “has been removed from his post”.

The marshal later posted on Twitter saying that he will no longer take part in the event and put out an apology to Hamilton.

“I offer my apologies to the Saudi Motorsports and Motorcycle Federation,”

“And for driver Lewis Hamilton.

“On my previous tweet, I announced (sic) my withdrawal from the race.

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