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F1 News: Max Verstappen Comments On Rivalry Between Monaco And Miami GP

For a long time, Monaco has been the most famous circuit of the F1 calendar. Despite the fact the track layout doesn’t lend itself to modern F1 cars, the event is synonymous with the sport with fans flocking to the city-state to get a glimpse of the action.

But with the addition of a number of American-based tracks, the Miami and Las Vegas Grand Prix for example, some fans are starting to worry that Monaco could be left in the past. Fortunately, 2021 F1 champion Max Verstappen has out our worries to bed as he talks about how the Miami GP compares to Monaco last weekend.

“I don’t think you can replace Monaco,” Verstappen told the press.

“Monaco has such a history, and of course it takes time to build that. And also this is a completely different to Monaco, there’s a lot more space here and the whole atmosphere is different.

“It’s a different kind of culture as well, which is good that we have, because it would be very boring to drive every time at [somewhere with] the same culture.

“You have to find a middle way between these kind of [events in Miami], Monaco and, of course, permanent race tracks.”

– Red Bull Content Pool Media

Monaco’s contract with the F1 comes to an end as the 2022 season closes, so naturally, questions are starting to arise about its place in the future of the sport.

“Monaco is extremely special, it has the history also behind it, and it’s one way to race that you don’t have anywhere else,” Alpine’s Esteban Ocon added.

“You really need to qualify and the race is very difficult to overtake or you need to take a risk. So for us, it’s completely different.”

Ocon is very excited for what the US will bring to the table:

“Coming to the States, seeing how we are welcome here, it’s great, it’s fantastic and we’ve seen how much the sport has grown,” Ocon continued.

“Miami, Las Vegas, all these towns, it’s a dream for us to come here. So yeah, I can’t wait to discover what the US has left for us.”

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