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F1 News: Max Verstappen Complains About Ferrari As Issue Presents Itself

Max Verstappen has radioed into Red Bull team complaining about competitor Charles Leclerc, complaining about the fact his rear lights weren’t working during the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix.

“The lights of Leclerc don’t work on the back of his car. Yeah, they don’t work,” the driver told his team.

– Red Bull Media

The lights on the back of an F1 car don’t have the same use as the lights on the back of road cars. On a road car, the rear red lights ignite only when the car is braking. On an F1 car, these lights ignite when the car is harvesting energy using its regenerative braking system.

With Verstappen raising this – as regulations demand such lights to be working – he could be looking for any excuse to bring an investigation from the FIA stewards into the gap between his Red Bull and Leclerc’s Ferrari.

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