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F1 News: Max Verstappen Reacts To Being Booed At Italian GP By Angry Fans

After the controversial ending of the Italian Grand Prix, Ferrari fans across the famous track booed Max Verstappen as he took centre stage to collect his trophy for winning at Monza.

His win was decided by a safety car that was triggered for the last few laps after McLaren driver Daniel Ricciardo crashed at a major point of the track. While his car was being moved from the road, fans expected a red flag before the drivers were lined up once again at the grid for a final sprint to determine the winner.

Instead, fans were treated to the largest come down of the 2022 F1 season as the race continued and finished under the safety car, meaning Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc, who finished P2, didn’t have a chance to fight for first place.

It’s not a secret that he would have found it very difficult to pass the 2021 champion in his potent Red Bull machinery, but the fans at the track were angry that the race fizzled out so badly towards the end with the FIA rewarding Verstappen the win.

The Red Bull driver has now spoken out about the booing, stating that he doesn’t mind it:

“When it happens, everyone speaks to me about it with the booing and stuff,” Verstappen said.

“I am here to try and win the race, which we have done. Some people, of course, can’t appreciate that and that is because they are passionate fans of a different team.

“It is what it is. It is not going to spoil my day. I just enjoy the moment.”

Leclerc wasn’t happy with the booing however, stating: “Nobody likes booing. It shouldn’t happen.”

Alex Harrington

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