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F1 News: McLaren Chief Reveals How Lando Norris Was Ill During Spanish Grand Prix

McLaren chief Andreas Seidl has revealed that Lando Norris was ill with tonsillitis this weekend. Reports had hinted that Norris was feeling unwell and sleeping badly leading up to the race. In fact, he was so unwell that he didn’t attend the pre-race national anthems, and almost missed his post-race media duties.

This makes his move from P11 to P8 during the Spanish Grand Prix really impressive, and now McLaren’s team principal has commented on his health as we enter race week for the Monaco GP.

“Obviously when you’re not feeling well all weekend and when your energy levels are low with the tonsillitis he was suffering from, it was a very challenging race – especially in these hot temperatures as well,” Seidl said according to The Race.

“He was pretty flat after the race but thanks to the great medical support within the team and he has around him.

“We need to make sure he has some good rest now the next four days before we then go again in Monaco.”

Seidl admitted that the doctors told Lando he was good to race, and while he was apprehensive, he didn’t let the team down as he scooped up more points for McLaren.

“Obviously as a team, and from my side, we can’t thank him enough for battling through and he showed a great fighting spirit because in the end, he enabled us to score these four points,” Seidl said.

“It was just great to see the commitment from his side. But, at the same time, [it] is also clear we obviously have a doctor involved in decisions like that.

“And we would never risk the health of Lando, just to be clear on that as well. The doctor gave the green light today, and after it was clear from his side that he will give it a go, we went for it.”

Hopefully, Lando will feel better for the Monaco GP which is only a week away, and while McLaren has Oscar Piastri, Stoffel Vandoorne, and Nyck de Vries to choose from, Lando has been showing some incredible driving recently, and it would be a shame to lose that.

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