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F1 News: McLaren Gains Google Sponsorship With Crazy New Branding

McLaren is showing off its new Chrome branding on its F1 car after it has confirmed a “major multi-year partnership” with Google, which is to begin in 2022. This will make Google an “official partner” of not only its F1 team, but also its Extreme E team from this year.

McLaren will be therefore using a number of Google products like 5G-enabled phones and the Chrome browser. But the most striking change is the car which now has Android branding on the engine cover but more importantly, the Chrome logo on the wheel covers of the MCL36. Branding will also be added to the helmets of drivers Lando Norris and Daniel Ricciardo.


Despite this, McLaren doesn’t have a title sponsor, but its CEO Zak Brown is hoping this extra funding will push the car further up the grid.

“Google is a global leader in technology and has been a ground-breaking innovator in connecting people around the world,” Brown tells the media.

“By integrating platforms like Android and Chrome across our operations, our team will be better supported to focus on driving performance.”

Google has joined Dell Technolgies, Coca Cola, and Unilever which are currently sat under the McLaren brand. But obviously bringing such a huge tech company into the F1 fold is a huge step for the sport, with its parent company Alphabet being worth around $1.8 trillion.

Nicholas Drake, vice president of marketing at google, said that McLaren Racing “represents the very best of what’s possible on a racetrack across performance, inclusion and sustainability, and those are values we share at Google.

“We’re bringing more innovation to platforms, like Android and Chrome, and seamlessly connecting them to other Google services to optimise McLaren’s race day performance.”

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