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F1 News: Mercedes Chief Apologises To Lewis Hamilton Over “S***box” Car

The Azerbaijan Grand Prix was actually quite successful for the Mercedes team as George Russell finished on yet another third-place podium behind the Red Bull drivers Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez. Lewis Hamilton finished a place behind him in P4, but it was obvious when he got out of his car at the end of the Baku race that he was in serious pain.

Hamilton, as well as a number of other drivers, has complained about porpoising and the pain it gives to him as his back is hammered with a reported 6Gs of force. This weekend, we saw the 7-time world champion suffer terribly from the bouncing, and at the end of the race team principal Toto Wolff was keen to apoligise to Hamilton for the “****box” of a car.

– Mercedes AMG F1 Media

“We all know that this is a bit of a s***box to drive at the moment, and sorry for the back also,” Toto said to the driver of the radio after the race.

“We will sort ourselves out, well driven.”

Hamilton replied gracefully:

“Well done.

“Well done, great job with the strategy, thank you for continuing to push.

“Let’s definitely make some changes, okay? Thanks.”

– Mercedes AMG F1 Media

Hamilton took home 12 points this weekend, and Russell was very lucky that both Ferraris retired from the race allowing him to move up to a podium position. He did however admit that ist was adrenaline that got him through it”

“That’s the only thing, just biting down on my teeth through pain and just adrenaline,” he said to Sky Sports.

“I can’t express the pain that you experience, particularly on the straight here, and at the end you’re just praying for it to end.

“We’re in such a good position still, third and fourth is a great result for the team.

“The team did a great job with the strategy and once we fix this bouncing we’re going to be right there in the race.

“But we were losing for sure over a second with bouncing, or at least a second with bouncing, so I’ll be at the factory tomorrow.

“We got to have some good discussions and keep pushing.”

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