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F1 News: Mercedes Sees Itself Fighting In Top 3 For Canadian Grand Prix

The Azerbaijan Grand Prix was a mixed bag for Mercedes as George Russell and Lewis Hamilton finished third and fourth respectively after a double DNF from Ferrari. The two drivers were as happy as they could be with their finish, but both – especially Hamilton – suffered from severe pain from the porpoising the W13 is experiencing.

If the same was to happen in Canada this coming weekend, we’re not sure the drivers would be able to take it. But Mercedes chief Toto Wolff is feeling optimistic about the changes they’ve made to the car this week.

– Mercedes AMG F1

“Baku was a tricky weekend for us, particularly with the bouncing issues, but we really maximised the opportunities that came our way and left Azerbaijan with a solid collection of points, Wolff said in a preview of the upcoming GP.

Wolff also referenced the fact that the Ferrari DNF allowed them to gain some serious points while admitting that they were still behind the “top two teams”.

“We once again found ourselves clear of the midfield in terms of pace, but a chunk behind the top two teams. We’re working flat out to close that gap.”

Mercedes was fortunate to be in front of the mid-field at Baku, but obviously Wolff and the team aren’t happy with being third in the Constructor Standings. Hopefully this weekend we see Mercedes narrow the gap between themselves and Ferrari and Red Bull. We’d love to see a real battle for the championship on our hands.

Alex Harrington

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