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F1 News: Mercedes Still Suffering From Porpoising Issues Ahead Of Saudi Arabian Grand Prix

“We tried a few more experiments to understand the bouncing issue here, some which made it worse, some which helped, but we don’t yet have a solution to make the problem go away,”

“We can reduce this slightly for [Saturday] as it’s affecting the drivers in a few of the corners and costing time.

“Compared to Bahrain, the car balance is in a better place and in terms of degradation we’re quite happy with what we have seen.

“Our single lap still needs a bit of work but we’ve got the session tomorrow to do that. Overall though, a reasonable day but clearly we still have a bit of work to do before we’ll be troubling Red Bull or Ferrari.”

– Mercedes-AMG F1

Hamilton, who was coming back to this season with “attack mode” has said that his team are still experiencing some of the problems that they had in Bahrain:

“We still have many of the same problems we had in the last race but we’re working through them,”

“It’s definitely a little bit harder here with the high-speed corners but the grip is really good on the track and we just need to find some speed on the straights.

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