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F1 News: Mick Schumacher Reacts To His Huge Monaco Crash

Mick Schumacher has commented on his crash during the Monaco Grand Prix which resulted in his car being split in half for the second time this season. “10 centimetres” of track caused the incident according to driver, resulting in a 17th place finish.

On the tail of Zhou Guanyu, the German racing driver flew through the Swimming Pool complex, losing the tail to the Haas VF-22 and hitting two different barriers before finally coming to a stop in two pieces. Fortunately, Schumacher was okay, and has reflected on the crash.

“I’m feeling all right,” he told the press. “Obviously it’s very annoying.

“I think in terms of pace we were definitely there. It’s just a matter of keeping it on track and unfortunately I wasn’t able to do that.

“The pace felt strong and it felt like we were able to attack and push.

“We just ended up being a little too wide, which is maybe a matter of 10cm at the end, and that was enough to lose all grip you thought you had.

“And unfortunately the result is as it happened.”

– Haas Media

Haas had a poor race with both of their cars retiring early. Kevin Magnussen pulled out with mechanical issues. Schumacher now blames his incident on the water that plagued the race.

“It felt super-weird,” he admitted. “From what I saw on the video, it just seemed like we were 10 centimetres further out. And that kind of triggered maybe a wet patch or whatever with the front wheel, which then translated into a rear-wheel slide.

“That’s where basically the rear came around. I tried to correct it and that’s why it went to the left.”

Alex Harrington

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