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F1 News: Monaco GP expected to stay on the 2023 calendar

The Monaco Grand Prix is one of the most iconic circuits on the F1 calendar, representing the ultimate challenge for a driver.

Following confirmation that Spa will remain on the schedule next season, the Principality’s future remains the biggest unanswered question about the 2023 calendar.

Stefano Domenicali and Liberty Media seem happy to expand the calendar further, with next year’s schedule likely to feature at least 23 races.

The F1 boss told Sky F1’s commentary team at the Dutch GP that next season will feature no more than 24 races.

According to a report from f1-insider, the Circuit de Monaco is one of the venues on the provisional calendar for 2023.

This has been supported by German journalist Tobi Grüener, who also expects Monaco to continue in F1 for the next few seasons.

There has been speculation for months about Monaco’s F1 future, with most reports indicating that certain privileges enjoyed by the event in previous years (such as an independent TV director) are no longer acceptable to F1.

Whilst there were almost certainly points of contention in negotiations, it seems near-certain that Monaco’s place on the calendar is now protected.

Regarding the other circuits on the calendar, there remain question marks.

Shanghai has a contract with Formula 1 that means – at least in theory – it should be a part of the schedule next season. However, the Covid situation and subsequent restrictions in China could impact whether Shanghai makes its return next season.

Irrespective of Shanghai’s position, the Monaco question is close to being resolved.

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