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F1 News: Oscar Piastri Moves To McLaren Leaving Daniel Ricciardo Out Of A Seat

After plenty of toing and froing, it’s been confirmed by that McLaren is replacing Daniel Ricciardo with Oscar Piastri.

Piastri was expected to be replacing Fernando Alonso once the Spaniard confirmed that he was set to take retiring racer Sebastian Vettel’s seat at Aston Martin. But strangely, after Alpine confirmed this on Twitter, Piastri tweeted that he wouldn’t be racing for Alpine, and that they’d tweeted this without his consent.

This was huge to say the least, as the F1 world exploded with the drama. And now the silly season continues as it’s been confirmed that McLaren is replacing Ricciardo with Piastri.

The FIA’s contract recognition board has confirmed that this is correct, with Racing further confirming that while Piastri still has a contract with Alpine as a reserve driver for 2022, this will come to an end in 2023. The 2023 deal with McLaren was finalised July 30th, according to the outlet.

This leaves Ricciardo looking very likely to take up Alonso’s place at Alpine, which will hopefully match his driving style a bit more than his current McLaren.

Alex Harrington

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