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F1 News: Porsche Will Merge With Red Bull Documents Confirm

New reports have confirmed that Porsche is acquiring a 50% stake on Red Bull’s Formula 1 team when it enters the sport in 2026. And while Porsche still hasn’t confirmed its F1 partnership with the team, a document has been filed with anti-trust authorities, and an announcement is expected this August when the FIA and F1 publishes its engine regulations for 2026.

The website Motorsport-Total found the documents when Porsche filed them with Morocco’s Conseil de la Concurrence who later made them public when they were accepted. These documents confirmed that Porsche has an intent to purchase 50% of Red Bull Technology Ltd, the subsidiary of Red Bull GmbH.

This document also confirms that the companies will be joining to develop and build a power unit for Red Bull Technology, with Porsche becoming a partner of the team. On top of this, it’s likely that Scuderia AlphaTauri will be using this power unit, too.

Audi, Porsche’s sister company under the W brand, is also still looking to join F1 by purchasing a majority stake in the Sauber Group and its Alfa Romeo F1 team, and this will lead to independent power unit development themselves, too.

The recent departure of Volkswagen CEO Herbert Diess has made fans question whether the move to F1 will be completed, but so far, nothing suggests that it’s slowing down.

Alex Harrington

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