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F1 News: Red Bull 2022 Car Revealed In Full During First Day Of Testing With Max Verstappen Behind The Wheel

Red Bull, the F1 team that propelled Max Verstappen to World Champion last year, has just revealed its new car as the team starts its engines for testing today. So far, the car has been hidden from the public with the livery reveal being hosted on the F1 show car only.

The new car was seen briefly at Silverstone in the UK as the team conducted a shakedown alongside some filming for internal use, but never before has the car been seen properly. Now, as the car begins its official testing in Spain, the RB18 has been revealed fully with Max Verstappen behind the wheel as he begins get to know his new wheels.

– Red Bull Media

New photos from Red Bull itself has revealed an aggressive design with large inlets and a sharp sidepod as it tails off towards the rear of the car. The nose doesn’t stretch all the way to the front of the front wing either, with it coming to an end just before the front element of the wing begins.

– Red Bull Media

Despite these interesting changes, Red Bull is weary that with a change in design regulations, another team may have been able to squeeze more performance out of something they may have missed.

Christian Horner said the following at the team launch:

“We are aiming to build on what we achieved last year. The target is to try to retain the title.

“The big unknown is have we missed something with these regulations and has someone else stolen a march?”

– Red Bull Media

Verstappen will be behind the wheel of the car today and teammate Sergio Perez will take the reins tomorrow. Both drivers will then get half a day on Friday to get to grips with the new car.

Red Bull seems to be confident about its opportunity to gain yet another title in 2022, and we’re excited to watch things unfold.

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