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F1 News: Red Bull Chief Comments On 2021 Season Ending – “There Has Been Some Hiding Around The Controversy”

The upcoming season of Formula 1: Drive to Survive is going to be a brilliant one as it explores not only a great F1 season, but one of the most controversial endings to a season in F1 history. Fans are eager to get more details from the epic clash between Max Verstappen in his Red Bull and Lewis Hamilton in his Mercedes and how the race was potentially manipulated by race director Michael Masi.

Now, team principal of Red Bull Christian Horner has revealed that he’s a fan of the show and watches it when he’s not working, and because of his connection to F1, he’s managed to get a sneak peek at the first four episodes before its official release to Netflix.

Horner commented on its importance to the sport in an interview with TalkSport:

“The latest season is just coming out, and I just had a preview of the first four episodes. This season is insane because of the rivalry between Lewis and Max. It’s obviously a fly on the wall. You’ve got to remember they’re making a TV show as well. But for what it’s done for the sport, it’s phenomenal.”

Of course, fans are wanting to hear Horner’s reactions to the ending of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, and he didn’t disappoint:

“Tactically, we were sharp at the end. When the crash came five laps from the end, we reacted immediately. We got Max in, pitted him for a new set of tires. Mercedes left Lewis out on what was 44-lap tires at the end of their life.

“Max had to make that pass on the last lap, which he did. There has been some hiding around the controversy.”

We’re very interested to see how Drive to Survive reflects on the final race of the 2021 F1 season, and will be glued to the TV as it’s released on March 11th.

Alex Harrington

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