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F1 News: Red Bull Chief Comments On Max Verstappen’s Anger Behind The Wheel

Despite winning the Spanish Grand Prix, Max Verstappen didn’t have an easy road to glory after his DRS started malfunctioning as he was trying to overtake Mercedes driver George Russell. Russell put up a serious fight with some brilliant racing, but this didn’t help Verstappen’s anger towards the car and his team.

“We can’t even make the f***ing DRS work, unbelievable!” Max shouted down the radio as he attempted to overtake Russell. Now, Red Bull chief Christian Horner has commented on his anger:

“There was a little road rage going on at that point which is understandable because he must have hit the button 50 times on one straight,” he told Sky Sports.

– Red Bull Content Pool Media

“It is something we need to get on top of.”

Even Helmut Marko wanted to comment on the emotions behind the race.w

“You have to calm him down,” he said to the Dutch edition of “I mean, we were surprised by this problem ourselves and you still have to make the best of it.

“When he didn’t press the button on the kerb anymore, it worked properly. He’s just an emotional racer, that’s alright.

“We instructed him to remain calm and to only press once. Before that he pressed the button several times, so that the DRS then closed again. Thank God it then opened at the right moment.”

– Red Bull Content Pool Media

Marko has since promised Verstappen that his DRS will be fixed for Monaco this coming weekend:

“We now know where the problem lies,” he said. “There are still five days and a day has 24 hours for us, so that shouldn’t be a problem.”

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