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F1 News: Red Bull Reveals Potential Issue That Left Team With Zero Points

After a “brutal finish” for Red Bull in the Bahrain Grand Prix, the team are investigating what happened after both cars faced race stopping issues within the last couple of laps of the opening race.

Team Principal, Christian Horner, has explained that it seemed to be a similar issue on both cars as both Verstappen and Perez had to retire from the first race of the season.

After an exciting battle with Leclerc, Verstappen had some separate steering issues which Horner thinks was from the car being dropped at the end of the the pit stop, tweaking a track rod. Aside from that, Red Bull will be taking apart the cars to see exactly what went wrong.

Red Bull have since tweeted that they suspect it to be a fuel pump issue.

In a post race interview, Verstappen explained:

“It was almost impossible to steer the faster it was going, my re-start was bad because the wheel was stuck. A lot of different issues to deal with. The pace wasn’t amazing and the pace wasn’t as good as Friday. There are a lot of things to analyse.”

When asked how he felt about the out laps and how he could have performed without those, Verstappen said:

“Well, I could have been ahead twice”

Perez explained how the car felt before he had to retire from the race:

“A couple of laps before the end it was losing a bit of power and the engine was cutting off a couple of times.”

“We are a great team and I really believe in them. I am sure we will get to the bottom of it.”

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