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F1 News: Red Bull Won’t Receive Punishment Due To “Areas Of Interpretation” According To Pundit

Ted Kravitz, Sky Reporter and entertaining grid-walker, doesn’t expect anything much to come from the potential cost cap breach by Red Bull last year.

It was rumoured last week that Red Bull has blown past the cost cap of $145 million last year which led to their dominance and championship win, and today we’re waiting for the FIA to reveal whether this is true or not.

But Kravitz has told fans that he doesn’t expect much to come at all from what the FIA reveals today, despite teams such as Mercedes and Ferrari wanting major punishments. It’s a possibility that Red Bull could be excluded from last year’s championship, which would give Lewis Hamilton the win after a controversial ending of the calendar.

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Mercedes chief Toto Wolff doesn’t expect this to be a reality, but has still told the press that Red Bull has been under investigation for months. Christian Horner has argued against this, calling the accusations “defamatory”.

Ted Kravitz comments on Sky Sports:

“I’m hearing that maybe, when the certificates of compliance with the cost cap come out, we are not going to have too many big surprises.

“But, I think there will still be some areas of interpretation, and that’s what Christian Horner from Red Bull was talking about in Singapore.

“He was saying, ‘look, like any new rules, there are some areas of clarification of interpretation’ – a charge that Mercedes refuted.

“They said, ‘no I’m sorry, we’re talking the rules here, and if you spend more money, your car goes faster.

“And if you’re only allowed to spend so much money, then that is the rule in order for your car not to go faster’

“So, let’s wait and see.”

After the drama, Horner could be taking some form of legal challenge to those who defamed his team, but more information is set to be released today.

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