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F1 News: Russia Completely Cut Off From Sport – “You’ve Seen How The Formula One Organization Has Reacted”

Earlier this F1 season, it came as no surprise to hear that the sport cut ties with its Rissian Grand Prix after it was revealed that Russia had invaded Ukraine. On top of this, American-owned team Haas then cut ties with its Russian sponsor, Uralkali, and with that, its Russian driver Nikita Mazepin whose father was on the board of the company.

Now, Russia as a country has been cut off from the sport, with Match TV no longer having its contract to air the sport leaving its population no way at all to watch the sport. None of the surrounding media on social media or YouTube can be viewed either, and not even the use of a VPN will make a difference.

– Haas F1 Media

Alexey Popov, a Russian F1 journalist, doesn’t think this damage is going to be healing anytime soon:

“I don’t think so,” he told on being asked about the void. “I have no inside information or anything. But I don’t see what can make the situation change. You’ve seen how the Formula One organization has reacted.”

Russia will not be a part of the F1 calendar for the foreseeable future, and Haas is now in a battle with Uralkali as to the money that’s potentially owed to them with Haas pulling out of the sponsorship deal before the season even started.

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