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F1 News: Schumacher Warns Toto Wolff Of Jumping Into Red Bull Speculation

Former F1 drivers Timo Glock and Ralph Schumacher have both spoken out about Toto Wolff’s disregard for holding back on Red Bull’s rumoured cost cap breach. Backing up the team chief Christian Horner, they’ve noted that it isn’t best for Wolff to be going into so much detail about the apparent investigations.

It’s been revealed recently that Red Bull and Aston Martin have both breached the cost cap for the 2021 season. But according to rumours, the former has done so by a significant margin. But despite this being an “open secret” on the grid according to Wolff, Helmut Marko has slammed the Mercedes team principal for talking about it with the press.

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Now, Glock has talked to Sky Germany about this speculation:

“How can such information come out if he has no information about the other teams, what the financial situation is like there?”, Glock asked.

Schumacher added:

“There’s a lot of speculation at the moment, and Toto [Wolff] is also ill-advised if he goes into such detail. My opinion: you should wait and see what happens first. I think discrediting someone should be done when it is proven and not before.”

Obviously, the two are hinting that this all-out war between Wolff and Horner should be drawn in until real evidence has been presented. This is reportedly to come later next week, so we’ll hang on and see what happens then before making assumptions.

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