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F1 News: This Is Why Water Was Dumped Onto The Track During Barcelona Testing

With the F1 pre-season testing coming to an end, we have all been spotting the latest changes on the cars, but a lot of questions are cropping up as to why the track was covered in water for the last test day.

Pirelli put all of their new tyres through a 28-day testing programme but having moved from 13-inch to 18-inch tyres, the pre-season testing is the first time these tyres are run on the new 2022 cars. Pirelli’s data shows that the green-walled intermediates disperse 30-litres of water per second at 300kph, whereas the blue-marked wet tyres disperse 85-litres of water per second.

Although the weather forecast indicated that there might be rainfall, this cannot be depended on to properly test the wet tyres. So, the plan was to completely soak the track with trucks dumping water during the lunch break.

This test does not always work though as the heat in Barcelona dries up the track very quickly so they introduced a sprinkler system to help with this.

What are your thoughts on the new 18-inch tyres? Too big?


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