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F1 News: Toto Wolff Sparks Interest In Yuki Tsunoda Conspiracy Theory That Screwed Mercedes

Toto Wolff, team principal to Mercedes, has admitted that he would want to look into the retirement of Yuki Tsunoda if Mercedes was higher up the manufacturer standings.

We saw Tsunoda retire his AlphaTauri early during the Dutch Grand Prix after a confusing couple of laps from the driver who believed one of this wheels was beginning to come off. He came to a complete stop after radioing the issue in to his team, but was told to continue driving to pull into the pits.

Here the pit crew swapped his wheels once again and spent a good ten seconds adjusting his seatbelts before sending him on his way again. But this didn’t stick either, with Tsunoda coming to another stop causing a Virtual Safety Car.

2022 Azerbaijan Grand Prix, Saturday – Steve Etherington

This move was questioned by fans who wondered whether this was a ploy to give Red Bull’s Max Verstappen the upper hand in the race. Now, Toto Wolff has commented on this:

“I don’t know, I’m so looking at us at the moment in terms of where do we need to find performance,” he said when asked about the conspiracy theory.

“If we were to fight for a championship that would be something I would closely look at.”

2022 Dutch Grand Prix, Saturday – Wolfgang Wilhelm

With Tsunoda also driving around the track without his belt buckled up, Wolff highlighted this safety concern:

“Now I think what needs to be investigated for the safety of drivers and everybody out there, the driver stopped, unbuckled, did a full lap, came in, the problem wasn’t solved, they put the seatbelts back on and he drove out and stopped the car again.

“So I mean that probably could have changed the race that maybe we could have won, but in this sport maybe is anyway irrelevant.”

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