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F1 News: Valtteri Bottas open to IndyCar future

Valtteri Bottas has enjoyed reasonable success with Alfa Romeo, securing the vast majority of the team’s points this season.

Alfa Romeo’s C42 has experienced a significant loss in competitiveness throughout the year, slowly losing touch to the front of the midfield where it so often was early in the year.

Still, Bottas can be relatively pleased with his 2022 overall and will be hoping the team takes an important step forward for next season.

Speaking about his long-term future, the Finn told Kevin Clark that he is open to racing in IndyCar:

“I like the feeling, the atmosphere, the entertainment is really good. It feels like in the US, the organisers really know how to entertain people…

“Especially now, F1 has gained so much popularity in recent years, there’s even better atmosphere than before.

“I have, actually. I still definitely have a few more years in F1, no doubt. I still feel like I have things to give for this sport, but eventually, I have thought about it. 

“IndyCar is quite interesting, but we’ll see. I don’t really yet have to think about it that much, but eventually, I will have to. But yeah, you never know…

“The race tracks are nice, the racing seems really real, probably from my understanding a little bit less politics than F1, and yeah, it seems like it’s been gaining popularity recently.”


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