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F1 News: Vettel can “completely sympathise” with Protestors at British GP

Amidst all the controversy of the British GP, a story that went somewhat under the radar was the protesters who stormed the track at the start of the race.

The chaos into turn one and the subsequent red flag meant the impact of the protestors was minimal, but they were still successful in making it onto the track. Had it not been for the red flag, the situation could have been disastrous.

Sebastian Vettel understands the plight of the protestors, but still believes their actions were dangerous. He explained his thoughts to the media, as quoted by gpfans:

I guess there was some talk about it but I think everyone is free to have their own view on it.

These people don’t act out of frustration but they are desperate and I very much sympathise with their fears and their anxieties. I think everyone who understands the size of the problem that is drifting towards us can understand.

On the other hand – and I see the other hand – there are marshals trying to stop people from doing these kinds of things.

You are risking people who are involved in the race weekend – drivers, marshals – so there are two sides. But the message was very clear and I completely sympathise with their fears and anxieties.”

Sebastian Vettel has been vocal about his environmental concerns, most recently evidenced by his Canadian GP helmet that carried a message against the mining of Canada’s tar sands.

The 4-time champion has admitted that his position in F1 is something of a contradiction with his activism, but Vettel still believes that he can use his platform in the sport to spread important messages.

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