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F1 News: Vettel Reveals Who He Wants To Replace Him At Aston Martin

With it being confirmed that Sebastian Vettel is not only retiring from Aston Martin, but retiring from F1 as a whole at the end of the 2022 season, fans are starting to wonder who will take up his place in Aston Martin alongside Lance Stroll.

As we race towards the weekend of the Hungarian Grand Prix, Vettel was asked who he’s want to replace him if he could make the choice. It was also revealed that he’d talked briefly with team owner Lawrence Stroll about who should sit in his seat.

“I do have my opinion. I think very highly of Mick,” Vettel told the press. It’s no surprise that Vettel is choosing Mick to replace his at Aston Martin. The German racing driver was very close to Michael Schumacher and his family, and certainly has a soft spot for Mick.

“I’m not entirely objective because I’m very close to him. But I do think he’s a great driver and is a learner. He keeps learning when others stall or stop making progress. He does have qualities but he’s also very young still, he doesn’t have a lot of experience.”

– Haas F1 Media

Schumacher’s contract with Haas comes to an end this season, and with Ferrari closed to the driver because of contracts with their drivers already lined up for next year and beyond, this could be a nice landing spot for Schumacher who could end up with few options.

“I don’t know, it’s not my decision. If I’m asked I will give my opinion and not hold back. But in the end the team will have to make that decision.”

I’d love to see Mick Schumacher follow Vettel to Aston, but with Haas currently sat higher in the Constructor Standings than the British team, it could be a step down for Mick if he still has the option to stay with the American-owned team.

Alex Harrington

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