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F1 News: Volkswagen to Likely Approve Audi and Porsche for F1

After much speculation, Audi and Porsche could be seen on the F1 grid as engine manufacturers from as early as 2026. Both brands were seen at the Red Bull Ring last summer to discuss the future of Formula 1 engines.

Previously, there were reports of Audi entering F1 as a constructor and Porsche on the other hand was linked with supplying Red Bull for the grid.

McLaren CEO Zak Brown in January confirmed of having had discussions with Volkswagen about an engine supply but confirmed that the brand would continue its partnership with Mercedes.

However, the CEO did mention that and Red Bull- Porsche partnership could become a reality at any moment. He also spoke openly on reports of a McLaren takeover.

He was quoted saying “I’m hearing they (Volkswagen) will do something with Red Bull on the Porsche front, I think they have spoken with a handful of people on the grid and as you would imagine, we have had conversations. But in the short term and medium term we are very happy where we are.”

“I think that’s not been definitively decided and if they do [enter], we have a contract [with Mercedes] through this term,” added Brown.

“Naturally we will evaluate where we are and who’s in the sport and take a decision on what to do in 2026 in due course.”

While that could brush aside the rumours of a McLaren takeover by a ‘German Brand’ for 500 million Euros (£421million), VW’s strategy for F1 continues to remain a bit hazy.

Volkswagen sources quoted that a decision about Audi and Porsche joining Formula 1 would be made next week, as reported by Reuters in a story originally published by Business Insider.

One source was quoted as saying “We will hopefully be able to communicate our intention to enter into Formula 1 then.” Another source hinted that there was a “good chance” of a positive outcome.

However, Volkswagen declined to give any official comment, say Reuters.

Will Audi and Porshe engines fuel the upcoming F1 seasons? Could McLaren partner with a German manufacturer for 2026? Only time will tell.

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