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F1: Nico Rosberg Reacts To Lewis Hamilton’s Poor Performance – “It Is Unbelievable”

2016 F1 champion Nico Rosberg has commented on the performance of the Mercedes at Imola during qualifying, admitting that it’s “unbelievable” to see George Russell and Lewis Hamilton so far back on the grid.

Hamilton and Russell had yet again more issues with traction, clinching 13th and 11th respectively for the sprint race today.

– Mercedes F1 Media

“My goodness it is unbelievable to see how Mercedes is struggling out there,” Rosberg told Sky Sports during Q1 on Friday.

“You can see the jumping with George Russell, it just gives you back and headaches just watching it, it is unbelievable.”

“You get to the end of the straight and you have to slam the brakes and you have no confidence to attack the car when it is bouncing like that. They are really fighting with that car and they cannot seem to understand what to do to sort it out aerodynamically. It is incredible to see them back there. I think they will go out in Q2.”

Of course, Rosberg was right, putting considerable pressure on the team to improve their car as. it competes against massive amounts of porpoising and low traction scenarios.

Alex Harrington

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