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F1 Rumour: Red Bull Exceeded 2021 Budget – Now Waits For Punishment That Could Change Everything

In 2021, Formula 1 introduced a budget cap that would help level the playing field between the richer and poorer teams of the grid. Now, after the expenses for each team have now been analysed from last year, it looks as though two teams have exceeded their set budgets.

Aston Martin is the first, but more importantly, Red Bull exceeded their budget. And according to rumours flooding the sport right now, they spent quite a bit more than everyone else.

Auto, Motor und Sport has written that the FIA is announcing the results of the 2021 budget cap next week, where it will be revealed just how much Red Bull exceeded the budget by. But this leads to a bigger question: what will the FIA to do the teams that have gone over this budget, and will it affect the already controversial results of the 2021 F1 championship?

Mercedes is already weary of how the 2021 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix finished, with Red Bull’s Max Verstappen taking the win over Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton. But if it is revealed that the energy drink team has spent more money than the cap, this won’t go down well. According to rumours, Mercedes and Ferrari are both pushing for strong punishments, unsurprisingly.

The rules currently state that if a team overspends by $5 million, it will be considered a ‘minor offense’ which will be punished with a fine. Of course, Mercedes and Ferrari have already stated that this is not enough, arguing that not only does that money make a lot of difference to a car’s performance, but this gives the team a leg-up year over year, with any benefits rolling over into 2022.

To add fuel to the fire, it’s also been rumoured that Red Bull have once again overspent this year, with other teams taking it upon themselves to carry out these calculations.

Expect a statement from the FIA next week where we’ll find out what punishments Red Bull and Aston Martin will receive.

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